Training FAQ

What is the youngest age I can train or join?

9 years old is the youngest we are licensed to train. You can train or join the club any time after your 9th birthday!

How do I begin training at Telford AC?

Contact and the Coaching Coordinator will organise your training, and meet you personally for your first session to introduce you to your new coach

If you are 9-11 years of age we do have a waiting list at the moment, put please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more

What training is offered at the club?

We do all athletics events including track and field, cross country, road running and fell running. On the track and field side, we coach all track and field events

Can I train at the club if I'm a member of another club?

Yes, the training subscription is open to anybody wishing to train. There is no problem if you belong to another club. Contact 

How does the subscription work for training?

The subscription is an automatic payment made once per month to the club, of £6 per month. By subscribing on our Training Fee page you can set this up with the club easily. This £6 per month entitles you to train with a licensed UKA coach

Note: The above applies if you train at the track on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. If you train at any other time, there is no training fee. There may still be a cost to cover (for example track hire at the time you train) but this will be dealt with by your individual coach rather than by the club

If you have any questions, please contact 

What age and ability do I need to be to train?

The club trains all ages (9+) and all abilities. Some groups are age specific, such as our under-11s groups and some senior groups (generally 17+). Some groups are ability-specific and athletes graduate into these groups, but all ages and abilities are welcome at TAC and are catered for