Membership FAQ

How much is membership?

The annual membership for juniors (11-19 years old) and concessions is £31 per year and for seniors is £41

U11s do not have to be registered with EA so their membership is £15 per year

In the U13 age group and above, athletes must be registered with England Athletics in order to be licensed and insured to compete in UKA competition. The registration fee the club pays is £19 which is included in your membership fee, which the club pays to England Athletics. Most competitions do not allow you to compete without being registered with EA

Some members do not have to be registered with EA. This includes second claim members (they are already registered via their first claim club), non-competing members (they only train and do not compete), and associate members such as club organisers. The annual membership for these members is £5

Do I need to be of a certain ability to become a member?

No, the club caters for all ages (9+) and abilities

What does 'non-competing' mean on my membership form?

Most members join the Club to be able to compete in athletics. Some members do not wish to compete, for example they are training for other sports

So for example a footballer training to improve their running, but not competing in any athletics events only football, would be a non-competing member of the club.

Non-competing members cannot race in any competitions and cannot be selected for TAC

I am a member of another club and I want to join TAC for access to higher competition, whilst staying with my current club. Can I do this?

Yes, one club will become your 'first claim' club and the other will be your 'second claim'. You may compete for both clubs, but if they both ask you to compete on the same day, you MUST compete for your first claim club. We welcome any athlete who wishes to do this. 

For more detailed guidance please contact 

Can I get involved in organisation and volunteering for the club?

We actively encourage anybody interested in getting involved with the club, from helping out at our events, team managing and joining the Club on the Committee

If you would like to help out, do not hesitate to speak to a coach, team managaer or an elected club committee member at training or one of our events

When does the membership start and finish?

TAC's membership runs alongside EA, from April to March the following year. We encourage every athlete to register by April to allow them to enter any EA affliated event for the next 12 months