Cross Country

Inquiries to Michelle Clarke - Assistant Cross Country Secretary (she does email!)

TAC currently take part in three cross country leagues during the Winter months. This is a very busy schedule which means that there is a race almost every weekend.
Members are not obliged to take part but it's a great way to keep race fit throughout the Winter.

Brirmingham Cross Country League

North Wales Cross Country League

North Staffs Cross Country League
North Staffs Cross Country League

As well as league matches there's the County Champs, Midland Champs and Nationals which members are eligible to enter.

Telford Athletic Club
Cross Country Fixtures
28.09.2013 North Staffs  X/C League Winsford U11-SNR
29.09.2013 SYAL League X/C Oswestry U11-U17
05.10.2013 North Wales X/C League Bangor U17-SNR
19.10.2013 North Wales X/C League Llandudno U17-SNR
20.10.2013 SYAL League X/C Ruyton U11-U17
26.10.2013 North Staffs  X/C League Stafford U11-SNR
09.11.2013 Midland Womens X/C League Leamington Senior Ladies
09.11.2013 Birmingham X/C League Leamington Senior Men
16.11.2013 North Staffs  X/C League Park Hall U11-SNR
23.11.2013 North Wales X/C League Wrexham U17-SNR
24.11.2013 SYAL League X/C Wenlock U11-U17
30.11.2013 North Staffs  X/C League Westwood High U11-SNR
07.12.2013 Midland Womens X/C League Wolverhampton Senior Ladies
07.12.2013 Birmingham X/C League Northampton Senior Men
08.12.2013 SYAL League X/C Bridgnorth U11-U17
04.01.2014 County Champs Lilleshall U13-SNR
11.01.2014 Midland Womens X/C League Droitwich Senior Ladies
11.01.2014 Birmingham X/C League Coventry Senior Men
18.01.2014 North Wales X/C League Lilleshall U17-SNR
25.01.2014 Midland Championships Leamington U13-SNR
01.02.2014 Shrop Schools X/C Champs Oswestry Sec School
08.02.2014 Midland Womens X/C League Cheltenham Senior Ladies
08.02.2014 Birmingham X/C League Cheltenham Senior Men
08.02.2014 North Wales X/C League Oswestry U17-SNR
22.02.2014 National Championships Nottingham U13-SNR
08.03.2014 Inter County Champs Crofton Park U13-SNR
13.03.2014 English Schools X/C Champs Castle Donnington Jun/Int/Sen