National Junior League

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26-Jul-09 by Tino Dummett

Telford Athletics Club was one of 6 athletics clubs that competed in the National Junior League, for athletes in the under 20’s age group, on Sunday 26 July.

The rival teams for Telford were Wolverhampton & Bilston, Tamworth, Derby, City of Stoke and Team Arrows.

Many Telford athletes won their competitions, and others obtained new lifetime bests. Chloe Murphy, asked to run for Telford almost every week, achieved a PB in the 800m b-string and the 3000m, winning both. She ran 2 minutes 33.8 for the 800m and 11’51.6 in the 3000m. She was also in the javelin, in which we threw 24.91m for third place.

The other successful female athletes included Bethan Partridge, Telford’s best female athlete, who won the high jump and triple jump by large margins. She cleared 1.74m in the high jump and jumped for 11.29m in the triple. Hayley Rubery, who is in the under-17’s age group, won the women’s pole vault with a height of 2.90 as well as coming third in the discus with 29.94 and second in the javelin b-string with 23.16.

Amelia Reynolds won the b-string competition in 2 of her 3 events. In her first ever 3000m race, she won the b-string in 12’07.9. She won the discus b-string with a throw of 25.74, and came second in the shot-putt b-string with 8.95m.

In the men’s competition, two athletes won their a-string events. Malcolm Dawes won the 400m hurdles by more than 4 seconds, with a time of 65.0. Santino Dummett won the 200m in 22.9 seconds, and also came second in the 100m with a time of 11.3. The times were very slow because there was a strong headwind at the track.
In the 200m b-string, Ben Riekstins won comfortably with a time of 23.9, which was potentially much faster were it not for the headwind at the track. Ben also won the b-string 400m in a time of 54.0. Toby Birtwhistle came second in the a-string 400m with a time of 52.1, and also won the b-string 100m with a time of 12.3.

Other athletes that did well are Cerian Lancaster, who came second in the 800m with a time of 2’31.6. Malcolm Dawes, the winner of the 400m hurdles, also came second in the high jump with 1.75 and third in the 110m hurdles with 18.0. Danny Baeriswyl came third in the javelin with 39.38, and fourth in the hammer with 22.50.

The full list of athletes that competed for Telford are:
100m- a) Santino Dummett, 2nd, 11.3; b) Tobi Birtwhistle, 1st, 12.3; a) Laura Gibbons, 5th, 14.1; b) Naomi Farquharson, 4th, 14.5.
200m- a) Santino Dummett, 1st, 22.9; b) Ben Riekstins, 1st, 23.9; a) Sophie Worrall, 4th, 28.2.
400m- a) Tobi Birtwhistle, 2nd, 52.1; b) Ben Riekstins, 1st, 54.0; a) Lucy Ferguson, 4th, 68.6.
800m- a) Cerian Lancaster, 2nd, 2’31.6; b) Chloe Murphy, 1st, 2’33.8.
3000m- a) Chloe Murphy, 1st, 11’51.6; b) Amelia Reynolds, 1st, 12’07.9.
110mH- a) Malcolm Dawes, 3rd, 18.0
400mH- Malcolm Dawes, 1st, 65.0
High Jump- a) Malcolm Dawes, 2nd, 1.75; a) Bethan Partridge, 1st, 1.74; b) Sophie Worrall, 3rd, 1.35
Pole Vault- a) David Samuels, no jump recorded; a) Hayley Rubery, 1st, 2.90
Long Jump- a) Sophie Worrall, 3rd, 5.17; b) Laura Gibbons, 2nd, 4.77
Triple Jump- a) Bethan Partridge, 1st, 11.29; b) Naomi Farquharson, 2nd, 8.61
Shot putt- a) Ed Dawes, 4th, 9.55; b) Alessandro Dummett, 3rd, 9.31; a) Becca Fagan, 2nd, 9.82; b) Amelia Reynolds, 2nd, 8.95
Discus- a) Ed Dawes, 3rd, 24.14; b) Alessandro Dummett, 3rd, 21.49; a) Hayley Rubery, 3rd, 29.94; b) Amelia Reynolds, 1st, 25.74
Hammer- a) Danny Baeriswyl, 4th, 22.50; a) Amelia Reynolds, 5th, 16.75; b) Jade Fletcher, 3rd, 11.02
Javelin- a) Danny Baeriswyl, 3rd, 39.38; a) C