First place for Men’s team in Midland League

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02-Aug-09 Birmingham Rowheath
By Tino Dummett

2 August saw the final meeting of the 2009 Midland Senior League, hosting by Birmingham Rowheath. The other clubs in the League are Halesowen, Wolverhampton & Bilston, Yate & District, and Tipton Harriers. On points, the men’s team came first and the women’s team fifth, with Telford AC coming third in the overall points.

Beth Partridge (TAC)

achieved three double-victories, where the club wins both the a- and b-string competitions in each event. The first of these was the 100m.

Ben Simons, Telford’s fastest new sprinter, faced the English School’s 110m hurdles bronze medallist Alex Nwenwu from Wolverhampton and Midland under-20 200m champion David Lima in the 100m. Ben won in a time of 10.8 seconds, behind Lima (10.9) and Nwenwu (11.0). Santino Dummett, the Welsh Junior bronze-medallist, won the b-string for Telford in a time of 11.1 seconds.

The other two double-wins were in the throws. Ian Taylor won the a-string shot putt with a distance of 12.00m, and Jamie Wilkinson won the b-string with 11.45m. The next furthest throw in both strings was 10.63, showing Telford’s dominance in the event. The other double-win was in the javelin, where James Hopley, with a throw of 61.23m, and Jamie Wilkinson with a throw of 50.02, easily beat the other club’s competitors. The next furthest throw was 44.09m, far behind the distance thrown by Telford athletes.

Ian Taylor and Jamie Wilkinson both put in tremendous effort over the day- Jamie went in four events, coming first in the shot putt and javelin, second in the discus with 27.89, and third in the hammer with 18.93. Ian Taylor, one of Telford’s star athletes, won all three of the a-string events he competed in- the shot putt, the discus with a throw of 43.57, and the hammer with a throw of 38.17. In each event, he won by a huge margin over the rival athletes.

Two athletes put in just as much effort for the club. Helen Ferguson came out of retirement to compete in the women’s hurdles races. In the 100m hurdles b-string she came fourth with a time of 20.9, and in the 400m hurdles a-string she came sixth in 89.1 seconds. Malcolm Dawes Jnr. was asked to do the 110m hurdles at the last moment and won the b-string race in a time of 19.2. Malcolm also won the 400m hurdles b-string with a time of 61.1 and came third in the a-string high jump with a jump of 1.70.

Telford also asked several of its young athletes to compete for them. Bethan Partridge, a member of the England Senior squad and ranked a clear first in the UK for her under-20’s age group, won the high jump effortlessly with a 1.75m clearance. Laura Gibbons achieved an impressive PB of 13.1 seconds while coming third in the b-string 100m and looked very impressive during the 4x100m relay on third leg, and Sophie Worrall won the 400m b-string in 62.4 seconds. Hayley Rubery came joint-first in the a-string pole vault with 2.80m and came third in the a-string discus with 31.87. Sophie, Laura and Hayley are each in the under-17’s age group.

Telford were favourite to win both men’s relays, but sadly didn’t quite pull off victories in either. Telford won the 100m a- and b-strings, and had two other experienced sprinters completing its 4x100m team. Pete Whitehouse ran a fast first leg to hand it to Telford’s star sprinter Ben Simons. Telford were leading the race until the start of the final bend, where there was confusion on the ‘go’ signal and the changeover to Santino Dummett was ruined, allowing other teams to pass. Santino ran the bend, overtaking some teams that had overtaken and handed it over to Ben Riekstins, an English School’s 200m finalist, who ran the anchor leg. Telford finished fourth due to a mistimed hand-off on the final changeover, which cost the team more valuable time.

In the 4x400m relay, Telford again looked to produce another exciting last-second victory, having won most of its 4x400m relays this year. Mike Dickens, Telford’s second-ranked senior 200m runner this year, ran a solid first leg before handing it off to Pete Arnold near the front of a high-standard field. Pete worked hard to stay in second place and handed the baton to Ben Riekstins. Ben went off fast and pulled into first and continued to increase the gap, but fatigue set in coming off the final bend and the experienced Tipton, Yate and Halesowen athletes slipped past, putting Telford in fourth. Ben handed over to Toby Birtwhistle, Shropshire’s best junior 400m runner, who couldn’t quite make up the ground on the Halesowen athlete, crossing the line fourth.

For most athletes, this would be the last event before the Telford Games. Overall, the men came first and the women fifth, giving a combined placing of third. Telford were relegated after this final league meeting, but with just seven more points it would have been Yate & District that would be relegated.

Telford AC Results

100m- a) Ben Simons, 1st, 10.8; b) Santino Dummett, 1st, 11.1; a) Helen Martin, 4th, 13.2; b) Laura Gibbons, 3rd, 13.1. 200m- a) Santino Dummett, 2nd, 22.5; b) Ben Riekstins, 3rd, 23.7; a) Sophie Worrall, 4th, 27.2; b) Naomi Farquharson, 6th, 30.2. 400m- a) Tobi Birtwhistle, 5th, 51.6; b) Pete Arnold, 5th, 52.8; a) Cerian Lancaster, 4th, 64.1; b) Sophie Worrall, 1st, 62.4. 100mH- a) Zoe Davies, 5th, 21.3; b) Helen Ferguson, 4th, 20.9. 110mH- a) Iain Moody, 5th, 19.7; b) Malcolm Dawes Jnr., 1st, 19.2. 400mH- a) Iain Moody, 5th, 62.6; b) Malcolm Dawes Jnr., 1st, 61.1; a) Helen Ferguson, 6th, 89.1; b) Zoe Davies, 5th, 89.2. 800m- a) Chris Carter, 3rd, 2’00.5; b) David Cains, 3rd, 2’04.6; a) Cerian Lancaster, 3rd, 2’25.0; b) Tamsin Sankey, 5th, 2’42.8. 1500m- a) Chris Carter, 5th, 4’15.7; b) Jamie Davies, 4th, 4’25.8; a) Catherine Ansell, 3rd, 4’50.0; b) Holly Climo, 3rd, 5’06.6. 3000m- a) Paul Ward, 4th, 9’01.2; b) Chris Bagshaw, 2nd, 9’16.9; a) Catherine Ansell, 1st, 10’16.7; b) Chloe Murphy, DNF 3000m s/c- a) Simon Vines, 3rd, 11’23.0; b) Colin Lancaster, 2nd, 11’55.0. Long Jump- a) Ben Simons, 2nd, 6.80; b) David Samuels, 6th, 4.48; ) Sophie Worrall, 5th, 5.12; b) Naomi Farquharson, 4th, 4.11. Triple Jump- a) David Cains, 6th, 10.74; b) Pete Whitehouse, 5th, 9.75; a) Naomi Farquharson, 6th, 7.89. High Jump- a) Malcolm Dawes Jnr., 3rd, 1.70; b) Saul Millhouse, 6th, 1.50; a) Bethan Partridge, 1st, 1.75; b) Amelia Reynolds, =2, 1.35. Pole Vault- a) David Samuels, 2nd, 3.50; b) Saul Millhouse, 5th, 2.30; a) Hayley Rubery, 2nd, 2.80. Shot Putt- a) Ian Taylor, 1st, 12.00; b) Jamie Wilkinson, 1st, 11.45; a) Amelia Reynolds, 2nd, 9.73; b) Becca Fagan, 1st, 9.68. Discus- a) Ian Taylor, 1st, 43.57; b) Jamie Wilkinson, 2nd, 27.89; a) Hayley Rubery, 3rd, 31.87; b) Jade Fletcher, 4th, 18.56. Hammer- a) Ian Taylor, 1st, 38.17; b) Jamie Wilkinson, 3rd, 18.93; a) Zoe Davies, 6th, 18.89; b) Hayley Rubery, 5th, 16.52. Javelin-  a) James Hopley, 1st, 61.23; b) Jamie Wilkinson, 1st, 50.02; a) Chloe Murphy, 5th, 23.85; b) Amelia Reynolds, 4th, 21.29. 4x100m Relay- Men’s 4th, 45.2; Women’s 4th, 53.3. 4x400m Relay- Men’s 4th, 3’29.1; Women’s 4th, 4’24.0.

Overall- Men’s 1st, 191; Women’s 5th, 141.5; Combined 3rd, 347.5.

By Tino Dummett