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Telford 10K 2005

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Telford 10K 18-Dec-05

(Photographs of the event)
Chris Davies produced a cracker of a performance in winning the Telford Christmas 10 K in a fast 29.21.It was his 5th win in this traditional pre Christmas race and he showed a top class field the way home winning by just under a minute.The fast Town Park 2 lap course includes a lap of the lake before an out and back run along the Silkin Way to Aqueduct.Chris was considering an attempt on his own course record earlier in the week, but in the pre race build up he changed his mind and was content to stay with the
leading group for the first part of the race. Always in control Chris was having a very relaxed run giving other runners encouragement as he went past them on the out and back course. He still managed to run 29.21, just 29 seconds outside his record set in 2003, and one of the leading times in the country. Infact Chris is the only athlete to run under 30 minutes on the course,since the arce has been run on the Town Park course for the last 8
years, having run 29.51 in 2000 and the record 28.52 in 2003. The Telford Ac international will continue his build up to the Commonwealth Games 5000m with the Birmingham Cross Country League Race at Coventry in January.

Infact the runner up in the race was Chris's friend and sister Sian's partner Dave Webb,a Leeds City athlete who is an accountant based in Birmingham, whoi improved his personal best to record 30.10.Former Shropshire champion and international runner Will Levett, whose family still live in Newcastle on Clun, whilst he is based in Hereford completing is first year of teaching, finished 3rd in 30.49. Mark Powell from Owls,Leicester was 4th in 31.32. Shrewsbury's in form Mike James, recent North Wales League winner was 5th in a personal best time of 31.42. Former Wrexham athlete, now a Tipton runner, Luke Northall was 6th in 32.06 whilst Telford AC's Nick Andrews ran his fastest 10k for 18 months as he finished 7th in 32.11, over 2 minutes quicker than last year.

Debbie Mason ( Robinson ) won a good quality womens race in 34,20, 11 seconds quicker than
when she previously won the race in 2003. The GB Marathon international was always in the lead
but was chased throughout by Telford AC's Claire Martin last years winner who ran 35.22, 16 seconds
quicker than lasy years winning time. Alex Gostling of Leeds City was 3rd in
35.39. Telford AC's Kim Green from Madeley, was 4th in 35.54, despite having
finished 2nd in the Midland 5 miles cross country championship the previous
day in Nottingham. Kate Burge of Stafford was 5th in 36.29, with Emma
Phillips of Tipton 6th, 36.35.

Organiser Dave Mansbridge was delighted with the record number of finishers
with 435 crossing the finishing line an increase of 20 on last years record.

Greg Wilson of Telford Ac ran 1 second and 1 position lslower than last year
as he was the second overall veteran home and 2nd over 45 finishing 17th in
33.47. Steve Needs was the 3rd over 45 in 33.58.Telford AC's British over
50's cross country champion Rick Hailey had over 2 minutes to spare over the
next over 50 finishing 23rd in 34.11. Another Telford AC man won the over
40's category finishing 26th in 34.34, whilst Malcolm Dawes was the first
over 55 in 37.52. Colin Williamson of Shropshire Shufflers was the first
over 60, in 42.47. Cheralyn Evans was the first over 40 finisher in 38.56,
11th overall just one second and one place behind her Telford AC team mate
Denise Cureton who was 3rd over 35.

Other leading local finishers were
8th Louise Taylor - TAC 38.31
13th Gill Pugh - TAC 2nd over 40 40.54
14th Lucy Dalton - 40.55
27th Susan Candy - Shropshire Shufflers V40 45.00
29th Helen Winters - TAC 45.12
34th Kim Brown - Wrekin RR 46.51
49th Hannah Taylor - Telford Harriers 49.45
52nd Lesley Hassall - TAC 49.52
57th Michelle Kattenhorn - Newport 50.57
58th Helen McDonald Jones - Newport 3rd V50 51.01
60th Gwenan Jones - Telford Harriers 51.14

12th Paul Ward - Wrekin RR 33.17
13th Will Joyce - TAC 33.26
14th Robin Sedman - Smith, TAC 33.34
18th Ioan Illie - TAC 33.56
30th OLiver Blake - Oswestry 35.03
31st John Garmson - Newport 35.04
34th Andy Smith - TAC 35.26
35th Richard Jones - TAC 35.39
40th Steve Jones - TAC 35.47
43rd Paul Thomas - Wrekin RR 36.08
45th Robin Guy - Newport 36.20
47th Tim Beckett - Muller RC 36.34
50th Shane Connolly - TAC 36.54
52nd Jamie Anderson - Telford Harriers 37.09
53rd Steven Prosser - Shrewsbury AC 37.15
54th Richard Andrews - TAC 37.17
58th Phil Gray - Telford Harriers 37.32

Paul Sanderson.
Telford 10K 18-Dec-05 Results

1288ChrisDavies  Telford AC29.21
2544DaveWebb  Leeds City AC30.10
3389WillLevett  Bedford30.49
4553MarkPowell  Owls31.32
5413MichaelJames  Shrewsbury AC31.42
6595LukeNorthall  Tipton Harriers32.06
7571NickAndrews  Telford AC32.11
8460MartinGostling  Leeds City AC32.34
9477MikeCornes  Birmingham University32.47
10245RichardLee  Windsor Slough Eaton H33.05
11596PeterSwaine  Harborough AC33.08
12542PaulWard  Wrekin Road Runners33.17
13322WillJoyce  Telford AC33.26
14523RobinSedman-Smith  Telford AC33.34
15464PaulMountford  Tipton Harriers33.35
16299RichardBullen V45Les Croupiers33.41
17273GregWilson V45Telford AC33.47
18491IoanIlie  Telford AC33.56
19311SteveNeeds V45Telford AC33.58
20382DarrenRidout  Derby AC33.59
21437ChrisPerez  Rugby34.01
22987YujiroIida  Leeds University34.06
23436RickHailey V50Telford AC34.11
24373RobKeal  Redhill Road Runners34.17
25462DebbieMasonLL35Tipton Harriers34.20
26427JohnSanders V40Telford AC34.34
27528SimonLink V40Stourbridge RC34.37
28561CraigSabin V40Charnwood AC34.56
29584IanMansell  Dudley & Stourbridge Harriers34.59
30986OllieBlake  Oswestry Olympians35.03
31338JohnGarmson V40Newport & Dist RC35.04
3255DaveRoper  Tri Team Glos35.20
33379ClaireMartinL Telford AC35.22
34248AndySmith V40Telford AC35.26
35221RichardJones V40Telford AC35.39
36459AlexGostlingL Leeds City AC35.39
37482PaulJameson V45West Bromwich Harriers35.40
38351KevinBurke V45Stourbridge RC35.42
39455StephenShanks  Holme Pierpoint35.46
40393StevenJones V45Telford AC35.47
41111KimGreenL Telford AC35.54
42565NealWalker  Northbrook AC35.58
43131PaulThomas V40Wrekin Road Runners36.08
44562BrianJenkins  Wolverhampton University36.19
45126RobinGuy  Newport & Dist RC36.20
46388KateBurgeL Stafford Harriers36.29
47504TimBeckett  Muller RC36.34
48573EmmaPhillipsL Tipton Harriers36.35
49417BenGregory V50Stockport Harriers36.46
50405ShaneConnolly  Telford AC36.54
51232DavidConstance V40Cannock & Staffs AC36.57
52355JamieAnderson  Telford Harriers37.09
53392StevenProsser  Shrewsbury AC37.15
54572RichardAndrews  Telford AC37.17
55526JeffreyCapper  Wilmslow RC37.26
56284PeterClayton V40Northern Vets AC37.26
57471IanSatterthwaite  Centurion RC37.29
58108PhilGray V40Telford Harriers37.32
59425TimCahill V40Abergele37.45
60591IanHarris  Spectrum Striders37.46
61473JoeGresty  Shropshire Shufflers37.47
62269MalcolmDawes V55Telford AC37.52
63441PezBullen V40Keswick AC37.56
64257DavidBrewer V40Bedford37.58
65215AlexCornsL Tipton Harriers38.11
66138RichCross  Unattached38.18
6762StevenJones  Wrexham38.21
68438JohnCooper  Telford AC38.22
69433GlennMacdonald-Jones V45Newport & Dist RC38.24
70458LouiseTaylor LTelford AC38.31
71430IanCarson V55Wrexham38.34
72541TonyNicholls  Wrekin Road Runners38.38
73136JacquiPhillipsLL35Kidderminster & Stourport AC38.41
74442KevinBierton  Shaftsbury Barnet Harriers38.41
75118AndySeal V40Telford Harriers38.47
76535MarkFletcher  Unattached38.53
77428NellieSandersLL35Telford AC38.55
78597CheralynEvansLL40Telford AC38.56
7970RichardCollinson  Unattached38.59
80545NigelEvans V50Bro Dysynni39.04
81119RobertEdwards V40Unattached39.11
82547VictoriaBriggsL Worcester39.11
83997UnknownUnknown   39.12
8461AndrewSoltysik V40Chase Harriers39.13
85546MarcScriven V45Worcester39.13
86415AndyKelford  Chase Harriers39.17
8799RichardBason  Unattached39.22
88397SimonPaine  Unattached39.23
89593ThomasBunn  Unattached39.23
90289ColinEvans  Oswestry Olympians39.24
91558JohnMorris V45Vegetarian Cycling & R. AC39.28
92208HughJobber V40Telford Harriers39.29
93334BillClarke V55Stone Master Marathoners39.53
94268MartinWallace V45Chase Harriers39.54
95416GarryDean  Unattached39.56
96985NickBlake V45Oswestry Olympians39.59
9781NeilHallett-Parr V40Unattached40.00
98498DavidQuinn V45Wilmslow RC40.00
99600StephenGrubb V40Aldridge RC40.01
100372StuartMale  Tipton Harriers40.04
101499AndrewDavies V50Telford Harriers40.07
102323IanWood V40Oak Park RC40.07
103465DavidHarte  Bournville Harriers40.09
104472PaulGresty V50Shropshire Shufflers40.21
105339IanFoster  Sneyd Striders40.26
10683DarrylAlexis V40Shrewsbury AC40.27
107332DavidTatton  Unattached40.32
108313JamesDouglas  Stourbridge RC40.32
109592JohnSkelton  Barnsley Harriers40.36
110306StuartHamilton  Bridgnorth AC40.44
111419GillPughLL40Telford AC40.54
112293LucyDaltonL Unattached40.55
113383NickWright  Fell Running Assoc.40.58
114479TonyMarrs V45Unattached41.08
11589EmmaHornbyL Kidderminster & Stourport AC41.12
116319NormanAshmore V50Unattached41.13
117991UnknownUnknown   41.14
118439PaulSouthall V40Tipton Harriers41.17
119469IanDoherty V40Unattached41.28
120534DaronFincham V45Telford Harriers41.34
121309JohnSmith V45Unattached41.39
122599MartinOrviss  Unattached41.43
123368DavidRose V40Unattached42.00
124370AndyGeorge V40Broadway42.07
125507JaneCampionLL40Vale Royal42.10
126260AndrewBradley V45Unattached42.12
127140MajorRana  Unattached42.24
12857TonyMyers V45Unattached42.26
129265JulianWithers V45Newport & Dist RC42.39
130429PeterBailey V50Telford AC42.46
131577ColinWilliamson V60Shropshire Shufflers42.47
132570JenniVan DeelanLL35Canterbury Harriers42.48
133474RichardCommander V50Telford Harriers42.48
134551DavidO'Loughlin V50RAF Cosford42.57
135325DarrenTurner  Dudley Kingswinford RC43.01
136988GregPreece  Bridgnorth AC43.02
137115MarkHowell  Dudley Kingswinford RC43.08
138576EricLander V55Stafford Harriers43.08
139512KenSmith V45Oswestry Olympians43.13
140303RobUnderhill V40Unattached43.24
141519SheilaBickertonLL50South Cheshire Harriers43.25
142506IanHarris V40Dudley Kingswinford RC43.25
143134JohnWelsh  Unattached43.26
144337StephenWood V40Dudley Kingswinford RC43.29
145557PatrickMorrow  Unattached43.29
146386MartinSkehan V40Telford Harriers43.31
147305EdJopling  Bridgnorth AC43.32
148236RachelWardLL45Amazing Feet RC43.34
149184AlistairMcIvor  Spa Striders43.37
150169RichardGuy  Newport & Dist RC43.38
151292CraigWickens  Unattached43.55
152533AndrewNotley V40West Midlands Police AC43.54
153381AndyDoughty V40RAF Cosford44.04
154298YvonneBullenLL40Les Croupiers44.05
155984RachelHobbsL Unattached44.07
156359StuartTranter  Unattached44.07
157514AlexSmith  Tipton Harriers44.14
158449JohnEbrey V55Unattached44.17
159252NigelWarrington V45Dudley Kingswinford RC44.18
160490MickBywater V40Tamworth44.18
161321StevenLawley  Tipton Harriers44.19
162992UnknownUnknown   44.19
163440SteveCartlidge V45Stafford Harriers44.20
164238ChrisThomas V45Telford Harriers44.20
165331NigelTatton V40Unattached44.21
166167StephenDavies  Unattached44.25
167407ChrisClayton  Unattached44.30
168550RobertGillan V45Unattached44.30
169486PaulSayer V40Unattached44.31
170206LeeBromley V45Merry Hill Striders44.37
172549MarkSmith  Bournville Harriers44.44
173481MaryTavenerLL40Vale Royal44.44
174408LisaDelrioLL40Trentham RC44.45
175123BobFellows V55Unattached44.45
176484BeckiAnsfieldL Wye Valley44.50
177124ChrisMarshall V50Unattached44.57
17849TimMerreywether V40Unattached44.57
17969AndrewCunningham  Unattached44.58
180520SusanCandyLL40Shropshire Shufflers45.00
181552ChrisO'Loughlin  RAF Cosford45.02
182394DeniseFordLL40Chelmsford AC45.06
183145PeterDoody  Run D M C45.08
184291HelenWintersLL35Telford AC45.12
185259AdamBradley  Unattached45.17
186341PamDaviesLL50Stone Master Marathoners45.18
18779PaulDay  Unattached45.20
18852JonathanMahoney  Telford Harriers45.32
189588DamionPearse  Unattached45.32
190589PaulJarvis  Unattached45.33
191489IanRutherford V40Tamworth45.35
192567PeterChristian  Unattached45.35
193403ChrisSedman SmithLL55Kidderminster & Stourport AC45.36
194505IanThompson V45Unattached45.36
195175TimHanan  Unattached45.37
196191MalcolmBoden V45Aldersley45.47
197198RobinFarrington  Unattached45.51
19890AndyGoode  Bro Dysynni45.57
199227PeterHaslop V50Stone Master Marathoners45.57
20080PaulHarrison  Unattached46.00
201537JohnQuinn V55Aldridge RC46.00
202404ArthurZammit  Wolverhampton & Bilston AC46.16
203342ArnieWray V55Oswestry Olympians46.17
204380IanCorrall V40Unattached46.22
205324LucyCambridgeL Dudley Kingswinford RC46.22
206251GlennWhitehouse  Unattached46.28
20745RichardJanes V45Muller RC46.28
208475Lau.Leeming-Latham V50Stourbridge RC46.31
209378LewisNewhill  Telford Harriers46.36
210203TonyHammond V45Peel Road Runners46.43
211349GrahamTate V50Newport RC46.44
212235RobertAshbourne V45Unattached46.46
213204RebeccaLawrenceL Peel Road Runners46.47
214186TomRoach V50Unattached46.48
215993UnknownUnknown   46.49
216189JohnEvans V40Unattached46.50
217237KimBrownLL45Wrekin Road Runners46.51
218177JohnRobinson  Unattached46.59
219494DarrenMarklew  Unattached47.00
220258MichaelPalmer  Unattached47.07
221451KatieWestwoodL Birmingham University47.10
222112StuartPreece V40Bridgnorth AC47.12
223492KevinAngell V50Bexley AC47.13
224214PhilipPalin V50Telford Harriers47.14
225317TrevorSymonds  Road Runners Club47.21
226502GilesBirt V40Wenlock Olympians47.23
227114NicolaHowellL Dudley Kingswinford RC47.29
228137RobertWagner  Unattached47.30
229172AlanRobinson V40Telford Harriers47.34
230253FrankieWarringtonLL45Dudley Kingswinford RC47.35
231994UnknownUnknown   47.36
232990UnknownUnknown   47.36
233210RobinElliot V45Unattached47.40
234560FrancesMudwayLL55West Cheshire47.40
235285SamHardiman V40Unattached47.40
236998UnknownUnknown   47.43
237421PhilipEvans V40Unattached47.47
238129GrahanShinton V50Black Country Triathletes47.51
239242BrettMoss  Unattached47.53
240328JanetLakeLL50North Derby48.05
241409KarlBridges  Unattached48.10
242358GwynethHarrisLL35Dudley Kingswinford RC48.12
243130DougLawrence  Unattached48.18
244174MichaelMoran V40Royal Sutton Coldfield AC48.21
245244AndrewHale  Unattached48.27
246411AnneO'ConnellL Unattached48.34
247231PatHackettLL45Black Country Triathletes48.43
248234SteveAmos V45Unattached48.44
249261PeterLonghurst V55Unattached48.50
250357NeilHazlehurst  Unattached48.52
251144SimonGriffiths V40Unattached48.54
253283IanMcKnight V40Unattached48.58
254566PhilipRayner  Unattached48.59
25686HayleyEmmersonL Burton49.03
257530SusanBakerLL40West Bromwich Harriers49.05
258548PaulBennett  Unattached49.08
259200GaryWilcox  Unattached49.13
260216HelenaMillarLL35Black Country Triathletes49.20
261217GarthMillar  Black Country Triathletes49.20
26276NickChesterfield V40Road Runners Club49.21
263270AndyMoorhouse  Unattached49.21
265510PeterRoberts V45Unattached49.32
266536DesmondJean-Paul V40Unattached49.37
26782MalcolmRoberts V40Unattached49.38
268254AlexVann  Unattached49.44
269239HannahTaylorL Telford Harriers49.45
271287LyndseyPattisonL Unattached49.50
272384HarryPonkhurst  Unattached49.50
273125LesleyHassallLL45Telford AC49.52
274278JenAstonLL40Action Heart RC49.58
27588EdwardSmee  Unattached49.59
276367WilliamBradley V55Aldridge RC50.11
277445MichaelRickus V45Unattached50.11
278133StephenHughes V40Unattached50.14
279435JohnHall V40Unattached50.23
28094DavidProsser V40Unattached50.33
28196AndrewChater V45Unattached50.33
282116GeorgeBrown V45Telford Harriers50.38
283581PatrickNoonan  Unattached50.40
284540MichaelGrice  Unattached50.43
285539ClareGriceL Birchfield Harriers50.43
287424StephenLucas  Dudley Kingswinford RC50.51
288369GlennThompson  Unattached50.53
289120NigelBootman  Ludlow Runners50.54
291139MichelleKattenhornL Newport & District RC50.57
292478AntonyHoward  Unattached51.00
293434HelenMacdonald-JonesLL50Newport & District RC51.01
294401DarrenBathen  Stafford Harriers51.03
295153MichaelAshworth V50Unattached51.03
296127RAllen-Harding V50Telford Harriers51.04
297158RichardBrown  Unattached51.10
29977GwenanJonesLL40Telford Harriers51.14
300518MarionBaileyLL45Halesowen AC51.28
301590TonyHewson V70Ludlow Runners51.32
302582ZoeNoonanL Unattached51.36
303197MartinWalker V40Unattached51.40
304995UnknownUnknown   51.40
306296TonyLong  Telford Harriers51.52
307263MartinHobson  Unattached52.05
308488PaulSawyer  Unattached52.14
309307DavePotts  Unattached52.26
311151MartinDavis V40Unattached52.28
312466StephenSpencer  Unattached52.29
313598BlaineEvans  Wrekin Road Runners52.32
314521MartinOttey V55Shropshire Shufflers52.34
315230KeithTaylor V45Unattached52.38
316264BrianHobson V50Unattached53.02
317194PaulByron  Unattached53.10
318374GeorgeTerry V50Unattached53.11
319173VickyRobinsonLL40Telford Harriers53.26
320525MickHudson V45Kidderminster & Stourport AC53.33
321320JaneMcFadzenL Unattached53.36
322182SteveBibb  Unattached53.37
32356MickCurry V45Road Runners Club53.41
324102SarahMoretonL Unattached53.46
326476LindsayPulley V65Amazing Feet RC53.52
32746DavidAustin V40Halesowen AC53.53
328100RalphBason V55Unattached53.53
329516TonyEasthope V45Unattached54.02
330501JohnHateley V60Stafford Harriers54.04
331297JohnBerks V45Royal Sutton Coldfield AC54.17
332559JulieSmithLL40Telford AC54.18
333187RachelParkerL Aldridge RC54.21
334350SarahHodgsonLL35Halesowen AC54.21
335162PaulDonald V40Unattached54.21
336109IanRoberts  Unattached54.26
338274NickKnowland V40Unattached54.30
339340MacMcCoig V55Stone Master Marathoners54.34
341444JimBroad V65Unattached54.38
342387EllenAmbroseLL45Halesowen AC54.42
343294SaraRogersLL35Wrekin Road Runners54.44
34467DavidTaplin V50Unattached54.49
345511KatieSmithL Unattached54.55
346556HelenCurryL Unattached54.58
348467EmmaWhiteL Unattached55.05
350365EmmaNeachellL Unattached55.14
35143AliceJanesL Unattached55.14
352418StephenGaul  Halesowen AC55.15
353366VictorBrown V60Unattached55.24
354209SteveBaker V50Unattached55.24
355453MichaelProctor V45North Staffs RAA55.32
356454WendyProctorLL40North Staffs RAA55.32
35744AmandaJanesLL45Muller RC55.41
35878AnthonyAriss V40SSH55.44
359346PamelaManningLL45Kidderminster & Stourport AC55.50
360524JohnMoss V55Unattached55.51
361522WilfHorner V70Shropshire Shufflers56.02
362517CarolEasthopeLL45Shropshire Shufflers56.06
36363SueJohnsonLL50Shrewsbury AC56.12
364354AlanDean  Unattached56.13
365574KeithMcclean V45Unattached56.17
366353JoanneDeanL Unattached56.17
367308SarahLittleL Unattached56.19
369410PaulKinsell V60Action Heart RC56.25
370594JoyDaleLL45Black Country Triathletes56.32
37160LizPatonL Wolverhampton56.34
372391WretfordCox  Unattached56.38
373578SimonSmith  Unattached56.40
374496MichaelBarker V55Unattached56.43
375497SimonBarker  Unattached56.43
376420SimonBatchelor  Unattached56.50
377515MaureenTranterLL65Stourbridge RC56.56
378364EricPatterson V45Unattached57.13
37947AmiciaHardyLL35Muller RC57.19
38073LiamCowden V40Unattached57.22
383224RajKumar  Unattached57.29
384223RajeshMann  Unattached57.29
385171BenitaGuyLL35Newport & District RC57.30
386159ClaireBrownL Unattached57.45
387318SusanSymondsL Road Runners Club57.51
388255VictoriaCharnleyL Unattached57.52
389326GraemeBeavers V45Unattached57.53
390271LyndaElmoreLL35Aldridge RC58.05
391193SamanthaClarkeL Belper Harriers58.11
392228LizBrooksL Unattached58.18
393432LynseyScholesL Unattached58.22
39539BrianBayliss V50Unattached58.40
397431JulianLorca-Valverde  Unattached58.50
39948EricPerks V70Unattached59.20
400141ChrisDaws V60Long Distance Walkers Ass59.27
401267SimonJones  Birmingham Running & Tri Club59.38
402456IvorDenning V70Wrekin Road Runners59.49
405164KarenHackettLL40Muller RC59.57
406402FrankGrant V65Stafford Harriers60.46
407183ChrisHughes  Unattached60.54
408398JoanneSmithLL35Chase Harriers60.58
412385MarkJones V40Unattached62.03
413996UnknownUnknown   62.13
414395GeoffHarding V55Shropshire Shufflers62.35
415396JadBienekLL45Shropshire Shufflers62.35
416195LouisaWilsonL Unattached62.56
417149TracyFoxcatt-ShawL Unattached63.01
418150RobertHorton  Unattached63.01
419166CarlGoodwin  Unattached63.35
421275JamesKershaw  Unattached64.55
422276GeorginaKershawL Unattached64.55
423286SamanthaMorrisL Unattached64.58
425493ZoeBushellL Dudley Kingswinford RC65.32
426468TraceyRichardsLL40Telford Harriers66.05
427443LauraNewhillL Telford Harriers66.05
42885RoyThombs V55Shrewsbury AC67.20
429312CharlotteAllenL Unattached67.43
430165RebeccaKayL Unattached67.43
431348LizMarshallL Unattached68.34
432218MarieWatkissL Unattached69.04
433583PaulEvans  Tipton Harriers71.43
434585RichardBeard  Unattached71.43
435400EnidBrazierLL65Halesowen AC82.20
Dave Mansbridge,
17 Jun 2015, 06:59
Dave Mansbridge,
26 May 2015, 06:24