Presentation Evening

2015 Presentation Evening. Full list of award winners.

Telford Athletic Club Presentation Evening


Friday 16th October 2015

Harper Adams University, Edgmond, Near Newport.

Guest of honour – John Bradley – Club President.


Cross Country

Club Champs (SYA Lge)

U/13 Girls

U/15 Girls

U/17 Women

1. Cameron Ellie Mander

1. Eva Wade

1. Fian Sweeney

2. April Tatton

2. Jasmine Coupe

2. Maddie Wong

3. Jessica Heath

3. Harriet Blythe


U/13 Boys

U/15 Boys

U/17 Men

1. Caleb Adams

1. Dylan Gillett


2. Stanley Runton

2. Adam Tatton


3. Luke Moses




SYA XC Lge Team Managers Award


April Tatton


Caleb Adams


Most Improved Young Athlete


Cameron Ellie Mander


Stanley Runton


Sheila Norton Trophy ( Most points in the SYA XC Lge )

Eva Wade





English Schools Cross Country Champs – Blackburn- TAC athletes

Alex Burrows

Isabel Bradley

Fian Sweeney




Battery Trophy ( points scored in all xc league and champs )

Overall Woman

Jess Harvey       161

Overall Male

Daron Fincham     198

Woman Masters

Claire Martin     160

Male Masters

Mike Whitehead  193

Junior Women

Isabel Bradley   115

Junior Men

Josh Burrows       151


Indoor / Sportshall

Club Champs( SYA League)

U/13 Girls

U/15 Girls

U/13 Boys

U/15 Boys

1. Bethany Masefield

2. Lauren Fishman

3. Natasha Wake

1. Eleanor Bristoll

2. Claire Richards

3. Lucy Wagstaff

1. Tobie Watson

2. Gregor Watkins

3. Josh Roura

1. Jake Watson

2. Andrew Martin

3. Ethan Harley


SYA Sportshall League – Team Managers Award


Lauren Fishman


Andrew Martin


Road, multi - terrain and fell running.


Bollard Trophies ( Best TAC Performance in the Sexarathon )

Jun Women

Robyn Vickers

Jun Men



Claire Martin


Jamie Davies


Steve Burrage Trophies ( Best TAC Performance in the Sexarathon )

Vet Women

Michelle Clarke

Vet Men

Paul Coupe


Fell Runner of the Year ( Shropshire Winter and Summer Series )

Lucie Tait - Harris


Duncan Birtwistle



Most improved senior road / country

Rachel Coupe








Track and Field

Club Champs (SYA + NYALge  + Heart of England Lge ))

U/13 Girls

U/15 Girls

U/13 Boys

U/15 Boys

1.Tabitha Newton French

2. Lauren Fishman

3. Amber Smith

1. Bethany Masefield

2. Eleanor Bristoll

3. Anna Lister

1. Gregor Watkins

2. Toby Watson

3. Thomas Berry

1= Andrew Martin

1= Jake Watson

3 Jack Finn

U/17 Women

U/17 Men

U/20 Women (Jun Lge)

U/20 Men (Jun Lge)

1. Jess Watson

2. Megan Broad

3. Fran Garrott

1. Krystof Danek

2. Kyle Gethings

3. Rio Mitcham

1. Danni Langdale

2. Amy Bowen

3. Alexis Newton French

1. Jamie Carter

2. Jack Brothers

3. Gregor Sukara Fielding

Senior Women ( Mid )

1.Kim Carter

2.Sarah Mackness

3.Hayley Rubery

Senior Men ( Mid )

1.Mark Embrey

2.Malcolm Dawes

3= Alex Burrows

Krystof Danek

Gregor Sukara Fielding


English Schools Track and Field Champs –  Gateshead - TAC Athletes

Ellie Vernon, Lucy Asson,

Fran Garrott, Amy Bowen,

Danni Langdale, Jack Finn,

Alex Burrows

Rio Mitcham,

Krystof Danek


Team Managers Awards


Katie Jarvis

Joe Papps


Sarah Mackness                                           

Gregor Sukara Fielding

Nat Dev Lge  Up - Vic Musgrove

Daisy Sukara Fielding

Haydn Finn

Nat Development Lge Lower

Eleanor Bristoll

Sebastian Clarke


Helen Watson

Andy Flint / Eli Barnett

Heart of England

Tabitha Newton French

Jack Sweeney


Most improved Awards U/11-U/17


Amber Smith

Rio Mitcham


Lucy Wagstaff

Josh Davies / Tobie Watson


Katie Jarvis

Jack Finn


Lauren Fishman

Oliver Bleazard


Sadie Craig

Andrew Martin


Athletes of the Year Awards (U/11 – U/17)


Lucy Asson

Jack Finn


Tabitha Newton French

Jake Watson


Cameron Ellie Mander

Caleb Adams


Ellie Vernon

Henry Owen


Claire Richards

Krystof Danek

Combined Events

Sadie Craig






Amy Bowen

Richard Rubenis



Jack Brothers

Middle Distance

Sarah Mackness

Alex Burrows


Claire Martin

James Eggleston


Kim Carter

Jamie Carter


Danni Langdale

Andy Neat

Combined Events




Extra Special Awards

Best TAC performance in the National XC Champs.( Kiwi )  Claire Martin 18th Caleb Adams 208th

Best Performances at the National Inter Counties XC –     Claire Martin 39th Alex Burrows 27th

Best XC Performances -  Claire Martin 1st British Masters – overall /  Paul Ward 1st British Masters 0/45

Best XC Performances  Junior –Fian Sweeney 18th ESAA XC, Alex Burrows 27th National XC

Best Road Performances –  British Masters Team Title 5k ( Claire Martin, Michelle Clarke and Rachel Coupe )

Best Road Performance – Male – Paul Ward

Best Sports Hall Performances- Jake Watson and Bethany Masefield

Best Indoor Performances –John Bradley 4th European Indoor O/70 Pole Vault Champs - Poland

Best male and female performance at the Shropshire AA T and F  Champs- Ellie Vernon and Jack Finn

Best performance at the Telford Games -  Jun ( Post Office Trophy) – Ellie Vernon

                                                                 - Sen ( Malcolm Davies Trophy) – Hayley Rubery

Best Javelin Performance ( Vic Musgrove Trophy ) – Ellie Vernon

Best Discus Performance ( Alvin Ffrench Trophy ) – Kim Carter

Best Shot Performance ( Jim Kerrigan’s Cap Trophy ) -  Fran Garrott

Best International Performance  ( Derek Taylor Trophy ) -  Richard Rubenis

Hartshorne Trophy – Denise Sanders ( Sexarathon duties )

Female Track and Field Performance of the Year  - Ellie Vernon ( 6th ESAA Champs )

Male Track and Field Performance of the Year – Jack Finn ( 2nd English AA Champs )

2013 Presentation Evening

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The 2013 TAC Presentation Evening

Friday 18th October 
at the 
Park Hotel, Telford 

TAC Awards Evening 2010

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TAC Presentation Evening 2009

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Friday 16th October 2009 – Park Inn Hotel, Telford
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TAC Presentation Evening 2008

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Saturday 11th October 2008 – Park Inn Hotel, Telford

See Full List of Award Winners

Di Davies with Bethan Partridge and Jim Tipper

UK High Jump Record Holder Di Davies,from Leicester who is still the holder of one of the oldest records in UK athletics which she set when clearing 1.95m,in Norway in 1982, was the guest of honour at the Telford Athletic Club's Annual Presentation Evening at the Park Inn Hotel, Telford. Two hundred enthusiastic members family and friends saw 75 trophies presented to Telford athletes that had been won at cross country and road, indoor, track and field.

Bethan Partridge and Jim Tipper won the outstanding track and field performances of the year. Bethan won the senior girls English Schools high and it was very appropriate that it was the best high jumper in the country who presented her award. Jim won his award for the part he played in being part of the GB Masters 4 x 100m relay team that set a new world record this year. The best international performance was won by Kim Fawke for her performance representing England at the Toronto Marathon.The best performances at the Telford Games went to Hayley Rubery and Ben Simons and the best performances at the Shropshire AA Championships went to brother and sister Aidan and Amelia Reynolds.

Leading track and field specialist awards went to junior sprinter Grace Smith and Toby Birtwhistle, junior hurdler Charlotte Monk and Phil Shotton,junior distance runner Harriet Grandfield and James Wilkins, junior thrower Hayley Rubery and Robert Millar, junior jumper Sophie Worrall and Mitchell Jenderko and junior combined event athletes Sophie Worrall and Edward Dawes. the senior awards went to sprinter Sinead Johnson and Jim Tipper, hurdler Lucy Ferguson, middle distance Chris Carter and Cerian Lancaster, distance runner Hayely Jennings and Chris Bagshaw, thrower Amelia Reynolds and Ian Taylor, jumper Bethan Partridge and Edward Dawes.

The best cross country performances were won by Claire Martin, retaining the Midland Womens Xc League title and Chris Rimmer for his victory in the Shropshire Championships. The junior awrads went to Harriet Grandfield, who was the top Shropshire performer in the National, Inter Counties and England Schools whilst the boys award went to Alex Russell. Richard Lucock who has only been running for just twelve months collected the most improved road and cross country award. The most improved young cross country awards went to Hollie Climo and Toby Birtwhistle.The Battery Trophy awards for athletes gaining the most points over the cross country season went to Calire Martin and Chris Bagshaw, whilst Lisa Blagden and Rick Hailey won the veterans section.

The leading indoor awards went to Sophie Worrall and Mitchell Jenderko for the best junior performances whilst the senior awards went to Bethan Partridge and Ben Riekstins.

TAC Presentation Evening 2007

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Friday 12-Oct-07, Telford Park Inn

Full list of award winners

James Hopley and Bethan Partridge, collected two of the main awards at the Telford Athletic Club Annual Presesntation Evening held at the Park Inn Hotel, Telford on Friday. One of the club's founder members and former chairman John Reade was the special guest who presented the awards to young athletes and seniors from the cross country, road, track and field and fell sections of the club.

Bethan Partridge from Bridgnorth, who is ranked 9th in the country in the Under 20's high jump,won the leading female track and field award, whilst James Hopley won the male equivalent for his superb javelin performances over the season that saw him ranked 2nd in the Under 23 age group and 12th in the senior mens category. The Best International Performance award was won by Jim Tipper who finished 3rd in the World Veterans 200m in Italy recently. Alvin Ffrench won the Hartshorne Trophy for his tremendous support behind the scenes at the club.

The junior athletes of the season track and field awards went to Sprinters - Ben Riekstins and Grace Smith, Hurdlers - Phil Shotton and Charlotte Monk, Distance - Chris Carter and Cerian Lancaster, Throwers - Robert Millar and Amelia Reynolds, Jumpers - Edward Dawes and Laura Gibbons, Combined Events - Edward Dawes and Charlotte MOnk.

Winners of the senior athletes of the year awards were Sprinter Jim Tipper and Sinead Johnson, Hurdlers - Iain Moody and Lucy Ferguson, Middle Distance Gary Vickers and Sian Davies, Distance - Steve Neill and Cathy Ansell, Thrower - James Hopley and Cheryl Ganderton, Jumper - Ben Cocker and Bethan Partridge.

The most improved young athletes awards were awarded to Sprinters - Mitchell Jenderko and Laura Gibbons, Hurdlers - Tobi Ogundipe and Sophie Worrall, Distance - Ryan Heath and Kelsey Collins, Thrower - Aiden Reynolds and Chloe Murphy, Jumpers - David Samuels and Fiona Le Brun.

Simon Daws from Ironbridge won the Fell Runner of the Year award.

Greg Wilson won the best male cross country performance for his excellent victories in the British Masters Over 50's Cross country Championships. Claire Martin won the womens award for her selection for the England womens cross country team last winter. Kelsey Collins and Josh Geritz won the junior best cross country performance awards. Kim Fawke, who finished a superb 7th in the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships at Nottingham earlier this year won the best Telford AC performance at those championships. The mosty improved cross country young athletes awards went to Kelsey Collins and Alex Russell. Whilst Ryan Heath won the Sheila Norton Trophy for the most cross country points scored by a club athlete. The most senior cross country points awards for the seniors went to Chris Bagshaw and Claire Martin whilst Cheralyn Evans and Greg Wilson won the veterans awards.

The best sportshall performances of the year awards were won by Sophie Worrall whilst Edward Dawes and Ryan Heath shared the boys award. Bethan Partridge and Sean Saxon won the senior indoor best performances.

The club hold their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 18th October at 8 pm at the White Horse, Wrockwardine Wood. All members welcome to attend.

Paul Sanderson

Di Davies, equal GB high jump record holder (1.95m) inspiring our own high jumper Bethan Partridge ( 1.72m), with mum Kate Partridge

TAC Presentation Evening 2006

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13 October, Telford Park Inn

Paul Sanderson Guest of honour - Chris Davies (to celebrate his fantastic year that saw him take part in the Commonwealth Games and World Cross Champs.)

This year sees Telford Athletic Club celebrate its 30th year. Paul Sanderson has been secretary of the club since its inception back in 1976.
To mark this marvellous achievement president John Bradley made a special award to Paul for his help and support over the last 30 years.
Paul, who was married earlier this year to the lovely Angela, is a truly remarkable, industrious, charming and well loved man - a fitting leader for one of the best athletic clubs in the country.

See the full list of award winners (also in attachments below).

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